Sunday, September 20, 2015

Elegance at Halloween -- Vampire Castle

vampire castle at night
This vampire castle has been a part of my imagination for almost two years now. It's finally here for your dark vampire hearts for the 2015 Halloween season! This Gothic castle looks foreboding on the outside, but the interior boasts of luscious fabrics, Gothic red marble flooring, marble grand staircase, the first floor has crown molding set in the ceiling in Gothic purple. It has matching gold and purple walls, and Gothic crushed velvet drapes. The drapes must be opened with a click and they do not automatically close, they must be clicked again to close. This is the same for the second-floor curtains too. The flooring is Gothic red marble and it's on the first and second floors. There is a matching Gothic chandelier on the first and second floors featuring Gothic purple candles.

interior ceiling views first floor
On the second floor, the wallpaper is the same color on the second floor, but without the gold trim. The color scheme on this floor is Gothic blue. As soon as you walk up the grand staircase, you see the beautiful marble fireplace. It's so big that you can fall (walk) into the fire and still be able to stand up straight. The fireplace has four blood-red marble columns set against white marble. The fire blazes within the fire grate. Above the fireplace is a piece of artwork this is in the shape of an oval and features skeleton cameo, which randomly switches colors. The big feature on this floor is the grand artwork that can be viewed after climbing up the grand staircase as it's right above that on the second floor. This huge piece of artwork features over 50 works of art featuring, Gothic vampire castles, haunted woods, cemeteries, and one sunrise. The artwork cycles on a random basis.The ceiling is set with crown molding and around the molding pieces it is painted Gothic blue. The curtains on this floor are Gothic blue as well. 
vampire art

Space within the rooms on the first and second floor allows our camera angles to be within the walls without zooming in or using mouse look. The opposite of the grand artwork are the balcony doors, they match the entrance hall doors and a heavy Gothic wood doors with iron bands. These doors do not open together, but rather one at a time. They are on a 15-second delay and will automatically shut. If you accidentally click them so that they close on your command, then the door stay opens rather than closes. If this should happen and you're comfortable with editing the doors, use the rotation command on the edit menu until the door is back opening in the correct direction.
roof and balcony views
This is the same for the entrance doors. From the second floor, you can walk out onto the balcony to enjoy your view into your neighbor's yards (shhhh)! If you want you can teleport to the roof, the teleport is set in the gargoyle on the right of the balcony doors, right click and choose sit here. It will put you on the roof. The gargoyle on the roof will return you to the second floor. The balcony wraps all the around the second floor, go out only if it's at night.

The moat for the castle is a pond of molten lava. It flows back to

view of the moat from above
the rear gate toward the seething volcano that rumbles underneath your home. The castle itself is up on columns so that it won't burn up your home. There are two gates that open and close automatically, click to open and you're treated with a horrific banging as it opens and closes. Both the front and back gates are guarded by gargoyles, spiders run over the front of the arch and
views of the exterior of castle
lions are in the lower half of the arch as if stuck there by magic. The turrets on the second floor and roof match. They are made from blocks of burnt cement. There are round towers in each of the four corners of the castle. This imposing castle will be the talk of the neighborhood and enhance your standing within your community. This castle is set in a rezzer so that it's easy set up and take down. You can move your castle into position using the rezzer box. It's very important to read the instructions in the notecard that is in the packaging box. The castle rezzer is inside of this DO NOT open and copy contents of the rezzer box into your inventory. There is hover text on the rezzer box to remind you to click not open the box. The footprint for this castle is less than 30 x 30 square feet. The build is 250 prim. It's a mix of mesh, sculpt and prims. All the mesh prim equals to 1 prim regardless of what the original mesh says, thanks to a new nifty script I
free with the purchase of the castle
 have! So you actually have 250 prims, but what lovely prims they are! The build is yes copy, no mod, no transfer.

To finish off the fantastic build the vampire castle comes with fantastic Gothic furniture. My favorite one is the casket couch, which is a casket cut in half covered with velvet fabrics and beautiful aluminum legs and backing. This couch comes in three different colors Gothic purple, red, and blue. The castle comes with the Gothic purple casket couch.

vampire throne style 2
It comes with the vampire throne style 2. This is a leather and gold bound throne, with a Gothic red, head, and seat cushion. It's  twin is the vampire throne style 1, which is on the SLX for purchase. The chair has three different sits, relaxed, stern, and informal. The stern sit could also be called formal. The chair fits a pocket avatar of .38th of a meter tall.

The next set of couches are coffin couches with a coffee table. On the coffee table, there is a skeleton bursting from the coffin. They are bound in black and gold studded leather on the back and lower sides with Gothic red for the back and seat cushions. The couches are held together with and aluminum bands. These couches have three sits, to access, click on the back, seat, and lower coffin underneath the seat, (It's the part that has
coffin couches and coffee table
gold studs on the leather.). These couches make me want to wallow all over it. This style of couch comes in Gothic red, purple, and blue.
circular couch

The last couch that comes with this build is a circular couch that matches the other couches the lower part of the couch is bound int black and gold studded leather. The seat cushion is Gothic purple with luxurious green. blue, red, and purple velvet cushions around the back of the couch. There are four sits in this couch. One in the purple and one in each of the green toss pillows. The last one is kneeling on the big couch at the front of the couch. (Click the purple colored cushion to access this sit.) 

The last free item is a matching amethyst gemstone casket. This casket has a velvet blanket, pillow,
amethyst gemstone casket
and cushion. The resting pose if the classic Dracula pose. There are two lids on this casket and they and be opened separately. One can leave one door open and close the other or close them both. Sweet vampire dream!

I loved making this castle for you and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!