Sunday, September 20, 2015

Elegant Gemstone Casket Collection -- Amethyst

gemstone casket: amethyst
The elegant gemstone collection of caskets is in amethyst, ruby, and blue sapphire. There are two lids on this casket. One lid covers the feet up to the waist and the other the head. This casket is filled with luxurious Gothic crushed velvet purple for the blanket, pillow, and interior cushion. The casket comes with a classic Dracula pose with the arms crossed at the chest. When the casket is closed there is a butterfly mark on the side of the casket where the lids shut. This mark is how you will be able to know which side you would get in and out on. This casket will fit an avatar whose height is about .38th of a meter tall. Should you wish to see these inworld before purchasing. Drop me a notecard with an SL time and day you can meet. The best days for me are
showing sleeping pose lid open
Friday mornings and Sundays all day. The casket is L$175 and is yes copy, no mod, and no transfer and is 9 prims.

The casket collections that I have made are made specifically with the vampire castle in mind, but they will look elegant in any home and give you a good night's death!