Saturday, September 26, 2015

Glass Casket Collection -- Gothic Purple Fatpak

plain and fancy caskets with and without blankets
This glass-topped casket allows your friends to see you while you sleep, but you cannot see out when you are within the coffin as the interior is purple marble. On the outside is delicate gold carvings against a bronze, see through material. The caskets has crushed velvet cushion and pillow. When you lay down you're covered with a blanket with rich crushed velvet of purple, yellow, green colors bursting forth complementing the Gothic purple cushion and pillow. Also enclosed is the glass casket without a blanket and white marble interior.

The casket has a classic Dracula pose with arms crossed at the chest. These caskets are both yes copy, no mode, no transfer. and has eight (8) prims total or four (4) each. These caskets are partial mesh.