Sunday, October 30, 2016

Updated Merchandise

haunted house--fixed
There was a problem with the teleporter system when it was originally built. I didn't realize it until recently. So now the Haunted House is in a rezzer along with the teleport system. I also updated the hangman's noose to remove one prim from this build. To see more pictures of the haunted house, go to my flicker photostream.

haunted house with graveyard plus accessories
The Haunted House with Graveyard plus Accessories has also been updated due to the same problem: the teleporter. This item has been placed in a rezzer now so that there is no messing up the teleport system.

The other items that were updated, but no new pictures were taken of them were the Vampire Castle. The teleport system needed fixing. Now there is an up and down using the gargoyles at the front of the balcony to the roof and reverse. The castle is now in a rezzer box.

The Vampire Mansion with Cemetery was also updated due to the same issue: the teleporter. The gargoyles are now separate from the mansion, which required this home to be placed in a rezzer. Other minor items here were updated too. There was a fire in the cemetery, that I didn't realize was there and no that is removed. There was a wall panel that I replaced as well as shutting the curtains all the way. The mansion was placed in a rezzer so that the TP system can be used.

The last item that needed rezzers fixed was the Vampire Mansion with Mausoleum. The teleporter are in the gargoyles and at the front of the house on the left as you look at it goes up and the same in the back. The down is from the roof on the right side of the mansion in both front and back. If you purchased this item before the October 2016 contact Atlantis Jewell for an updated haunted house, castle, or mansion.