Sunday, October 30, 2016

Insane Asylum

insane asylum (day)
The Insane Asylum is finally done yay! What fun it was to put this build together for you during this Halloween Season 2016. The Insane Asylum has a ground and second floor and then the spooky attic. In the attic is the electric chair for electric shock therapy the chair is fashioned after the ones used to electrocute criminals so it's extra scary. As an avatar gets close to the chair the buzzing of the past electric shock therapies are heard along with the victim's screams. When you sit down you are the body that is jerked and twisted as you undergo electric-shock treatment. There are two beds on this floor with blood on them.

On the second floor is a hidden room where they make you take baths in blood and there is a bloody bed in the open area. These rooms are lit by florescent lights that wink and blink on and off. The lights are emitting an annoying buzzing sound, which is sure to drive the inmates crazy.

On the ground floor in the open area is a surgical table where experiments are carried out. In the room on the second floor, there is a butcher's block with blood on it and as you lay down on it a butcher's knife cleaves your skull in two.

Insane Asylum Furniture
The insane asylum has boarded up windows and doors and has shabby green, peeling paint on the walls and ceiling. There is a faded and scuffed green checkered designs on all the floors adding to the depressing surroundings.

All the furniture within this structure is specifically made for avatars who are .38th of a meter tall or smaller. The building is big because in a smaller structure small avies can't maneuver their cameras very well so this building is bigger than a petite avatar, but make no mistake the furniture is for small avies.

There are teleporters on each floor with an option of going up or down by one or two floors. All the teleporters and furniture are organized by the rezzer that these items come in. The furniture wasn't working any other way but inside a rezzer.


Warning: The rezzer is entitled: "Insane Asylum Rezzer." DO NOT open the contents into your inventory.

insane asylum more furniture
How to work your rezzer. Place it on the ground in the direction that you want your building to rezz
there are two arrows on the sides of the rezzer indicating up. Right click the rezzer and choose touch.

From the menu choose rezz, click the button. The building will rezz either in front of you or back of you. You can rotate and move the rezzer until the building is where you want it to be. to move the box, right click and choose edit. Use the default move or rotate to move the rezzer into the position where you want the Insane Asylum to be placed. Delete the box or hide it under the ground so that you can derezz at will. If you plan to keep up the Insane Asylum indefinitely, delete the box.