Sunday, October 30, 2016

Swing Set of Death

swing set of death
The Swing Set of Death is a true adventure in the macabre. This swing set is set on a heap of skulls and dried blood. The posts are burnt corpses; around the top are corpses that have turned a sickly green. At the base of the corpse, posts are skeletons, zombies, and more corpses. The swings are made from intestine meat. a sickly gray-green fog. The fog is not linked to the build because it is a prim. When you pick up this build make sure you pick up the fog disk too, otherwise, it will continue to bellow fog.

There are five swinging benches. four of the swings have three sits each one in the seat and one hidden in the chains. There is one bench that swings much more wildly that only has two sits, one in the bench and one in the left chain as you face the bench. The Swing Set of Death set is yes copy, no mod, and no transfer yes it is partial mesh. The entire build has 39 prims. This swing set is made for avatars whose height is about .38th of a meter tall or 1.5 feet tall. The swings creak when activated.

Unpacking and Rezzer Instructions:

Unpacking: the box that the swing comes in can be unpacked directly into your inventory.  DO NOT UNPACK THE REZZER.

Rezzer: There is a second box inside, DO NOT UNPACK. Place the rezzer on the ground and click it. A menu will pop up with options, derez and rez. Click the rezz button and the swing set will rezz. If the swing set isn't where you'd like it move the rezzer with the Edit menu's "Move or Rotate" options. The front of the rezzer box is wood with a kitty branded into the middle of the box panel.