Sunday, October 30, 2016

Hanging Tree

hanging tree
Happy October 2016! And you know what this season is.... Halloween. To jump start the 2016 Halloween Season, I've made a perfectly beautiful gruesome hanging tree. The upper branches look magical in orange fall colors on the oak tree leaves, but on the two lowest branches is a gruesome sight. One limb has bodies that were hung and left to rot hanging in various composition of decay. At the foot of the tree is a rotting body sitting up against the tree in the fog. On the other lowest branch are four ropes with nooses hanging from the tree. These nooses are for your friends to go hang themselves!

The tree is haunted by the wind as the ropes swing the ropes grind against the tree and your neck. This tree is no mod, yes copy, yes partial mesh, and no transfer. The tree has 59 prims. I recognize that this is a high number of prims, but you'll probably not put it out, but once a year and what fun it will be to hang your friends by their necks!

The hanging tree is an homage to a lithograph with a similar name. Back in the day, if you were a soldier and acted without permission and you hurt the citizens of the village you were in then you were immediately hung from the nearest tree.