Thursday, October 13, 2016

Fall Floating Island

launching capabilities
entrance view
Fall is here I've created a fall floating island. The mountains have lost their color and they are waiting on the winter snow. The gray clouds of fall are floating over the island. In one part of the island is a thunderstorm with rain along with a tornado which is whipping up dust. The thunderstorm has cracks of lightening and claps of thunder. The island is covered with fall leaves, and the trees have turned orange. There is a bonfire with bales of hay ringing around the fire and a hay wagon is backed up the fire too. There are sits on the back of the wagon and on the bales of hay. There is a small stream tinkling in the background. A rock is at the stream head and it has a sit in it too. Just wave your mouse and a chair icon will pop up, click and sit. There are fields of orange poppy flowers bursting with color. The dandelions are blowing away in the wind, the corn is ripe for the picking, and there is a fairy circle in the middle of the island where you can dance away what's left of fall. This circle is an original texture design made especially for this island.
The build permissions are yes copy, no mod, no transfer, partial mesh, and this island had 99 prims. This Island is sim size. (Smaller ones will be built eventually.)
Overhead and Thunderstorm clouds:
Should you want to have a sunny day and you want to turn off your clouds make the transparent viewable by

rock with sit
Cntrl + Alt + T. This will turn everything that is transparent red. You will see a set of boxes in the storm cloud click them until everything turns off. Repeat the same to turn everything back on again.

 near pond/river
In open chat type, /1 clouds off this will turn the gray cloud overhead off. Turn back on /1 clouds on . This will turn on and off the clouds overhead.

Island and Tornado Launching Instructions:
Transfer items from box to inventory. Rezz the island on the ground. A menu will pop up asking you how high you would like to have your island at 100-plus to over 1000 feet in the air, click the chosen height If the Island is stuck on someone else's floating skybox or island then get the menu back by typing in chat /100 menu and the menu will return. Click on another position.
bales of hay sits
Once you have launched the island another menu will pop up and ask you "May I teleport your avatars?" Choose yes or no. If you want to reach the island after saying no, look in the chat log and there will be a message: "To teleport to your island, click this link in chat" and a TP map. Click the button that says "Teleport." These are the ways to get to your island.
Once you have the island where you want it, next put out a teleporting system on the island and ground so that your guests can TP to and from your new island.
Should you need to derezz the island because you are moving remove your TP system, the first time you take the island down, keep it so that you have to copies, all other times, click delete because remember you have two copies in your inventory already.
In order to put a tornado on the Island without spinning the entire island, I've had to click on the tornado and island together, but they are not linked. In order to launch the tornado answer yes to the question "what height do you want to rez this at?" (Choose the same height as you chose for the island. It will be launched exactly where it needs to be.) Once you TP yourself to the island right click on the tornado to get it spinning.
The Island and the tornado are separate. They cannot be linked otherwise your island would spin out of control. When you originally launch the Island these two items will launch together to the height you choose. If you take it down for any reason, click the tornado first, use shift, hold and then click Island. (At this point, you can either delete the Island or take it back into the inventory and the name of the island will appear. If the Island and tornado get separated, click on the tornado, click to the height that you wish to have your Island then launch the tornado. The tornado will appear on the island. If it's not exactly underneath the storm cloud move it until you're happy with its position.
isalnd at night
Always keep an original copy of the island in your inventory that way you can delete the Island and tornado whenever you need to move your residence.