Saturday, October 31, 2015

Vampire Mansion & Mausoleum Style 2

mausoleum style 2

Happy Halloween! I hope that you're day is filled with spooky, ghoulish surprise and fun. I'm closing out the 2015 Halloween Season with a Vampire Mansion and Mausoleum Style 2. The only difference between my two vampire mansions are the mausoleums. This mausoleum is styled after the fireplace inside of the mansion (second floor). The mausoleum has Gothic red pillars, red trim around the roof, white marbled cement bricks, and the benches, which sit inside have mini Gothic red columns connecting the seat with the base of the benches.

bench sits
Vampires should always have options in how they would like to live; therefore, I have made a mansion with a graveyard in the back of the property. The main building the cemetery is a mausoleum that is ornate on the outside and simply elegant on the inside with matching benches. The colors of the mausoleum is the same as the fireplace inside of the castle. The doors are set to auto-close at 10 seconds--don't click to close the doors otherwise they will be out of whack and you'll have to re-rez the build.

The mausoleum is style two and sits in a field of blood red tulips, there are matching blood red spider trees sitting in the four corners of the cemetery with spiders hanging from the tree trunk and spewing from the base of the trees. The spiders in the spider web trees make a skittering sound and to turn on/off click. There are trick gravestones with empty graves sitting in the cemetery until your unsuspecting guest clicks on the grave stone and suddenly they are dead and your grave is filled. (The grave stones captures the profile picture of your friends that click on the stone.) 

side view from left
There are urns of fire on all of the corners of the fences touch the urns to turn off, but to turn back on, click on the inside of the empty urn. The torches on the front of the mausoleum and on the first and second story of the mansion are click on and off to turn on and off the fire. 

There are gargoyles at different places and some of them allow you to teleport from the ground to the roof (right of the front doors), from the front to the back (left of the front doors), from the graveyard to the front, by touch the wall on the left of the bridge that connects the graveyard to the mansion. The gargoyle on the right of the balcony doors on the roof, allows you to teleport to the first floor of the mansion, which is on the right of the front doors as you look at the mansion. 

mausoleum style 2
At the front doors, are urns fills with blood that emanate a green fog. These urns are also in the back of the mansion just before walking onto the bridge. The fog moves with the wind. 

The mausoleum has a blood-red cross at the top, the doors open after a 10-second wait will close automatically. The inset on the doors are the same blood-red as the pillars and trim on the roof. You can walk around inside the crypt. This elegant crypt matches the Gothic marble flooring inside of the mansion as well as the balconies. The battlements around the cemetery match those found around the roof, first and second floors. 


THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING ABOUT THIS BUILD: It's in a rezzer. so please, please, please follow this extract instructions:

1) The outer box it is OK to extract the contents as it's the packing box.

2) Inside the packing box is an object called: vampire mansion and mausoleum (rezzer). DO NOT EXTRACT THIS BOXES CONTENTS. If you do, then IM me and I'll drop you another rezzer inworld. If you don't hear from me, next drop me a notecard. (Real Life keeps me busy.)

3) Place rezzer box on the ground. Right click and the menu will instruct you to rez click: rez. The castle will snap into place by itself. At this point you may do the following:

3a) TO MOVE (edit the rezzer): Use your arrow (move) or rotate options under the Edit menu to move your castle around on the ground. Just move your rezzer box to move the castle.

3b) Pick up the rezzer box and put it back into your inventory,

3c) Freeze the castle into place. This will mean that the scripts that allow this object to be de-rezzed will be deleted from the structure. So if you choose this option and if for some reason you have to move, just delete the structure and put out the rezzer box from your inventory to re-rez the object.

Other features:

Doors: The front and balcony doors open independently of each of other both. If you click the right door, then only the right door opens and same for the left. These doors shut automatically 15-seconds after opening. Don't try to clicking them shut.

curtains open in the inset
Curtains: Since this is a vampire castle the curtains are closed tightly with absolutely no cracks or seams. If you wish to open your drapes at night, click to open and close. The curtains don't automatically open or close.

Artwork: There are two permanent art pieces on the second floor of the castle. One is above the fireplace and is a side view of a skeleton cameo in various colors. These rotate randomly. The second piece of artwork is above the grand staircase and can be viewed from the second floor. There are over 50 Gothic, vampire, haunted woods, and cemetery artwork in this picture frame. My homage to your status as a vampire is one single picture of the sun rising. 

Graves: These are special. When you're having a party in the cemetery, activate the graves by
trick tombstones
clicking on the headstones, next the script will pick up your friend's profile when your friends click it to see how it works and their profile picture will be placed on the headstones. These scripts turn off when avatars are not within distance.

Urns: The urns in by the front door and back battlements have blood floating out of them is a greenish smoke. The fire urns around the graveyard the fire magically burns in the middle of the turn, not burning these beautiful sculpted dishes. Click to turn on/off, but to turn them back on after turning them off, yoy must click near the lip of the urn in the middle or turn on Cntl + T to see the transparent prims that is in the center of the urn.

Furniture: With this mansion comes some furniture for free! Enjoy the gothic purple casket couch, gothic red coffin couches with coffee table, gothic red throne style 2, circular couch v.3, vampire throne style 2 (gothic blue).

Happy Halloween from Home and Garden for Petite Avatars, I hope you have a fun-filled and safe day.