Friday, October 2, 2015

Hide-Away-Coffins Collection -- Gothic Red, Purple, and Blue

Gothic purple
Gothic red
As a vampire, this coffin bed will keep your real sleeping place a secret. This marvelous hide-away-coffin is a faux bed that gives the impression that you sleep on top of the bed, but really your open up a secret panel and you sleep in the Gothic coffin that is hidden inside.

The  outer shell is made in a shape of a coffin, but really it's a beautifully decorated faux bed. The bed comes in Gothic blue, purple, and red. Inside the Gothic coffin's interior match the outer colored fabrics. The outer bed quilt is made from a sparkly crushed velvet with two matching pillows. The outer bed is made from gold studded leather on the long sides and black leather at the food and head of the coffin. To access the hidden compartment, click on the fake mattress. the lid opens revealing a Gothic coffin within. Open this coffin by clicking the lid. Next, click on the pillow to lay down and then close both coffin lids.

This build is yes copy, no mod, no transfer, and is 19 prims.