Friday, October 2, 2015

Couple's Caskets -- Gothic Red, Purple and Blue

Gothic red
If you have a vampire partner, and you're willing to share your resting spot with another, then this couple's casket is for you! This feathers a casket with handles two on the sides and one at each end. The lid is in the softest Gothic red leather and wraps around to the inside the of the lid. The interior of the casket has a crushed velvet red cushion with satin gold and silver pillows. Click on the pillow and a satin blanket appears as you lay down. Stand back up and the blanket is hidden.

Gothic blue
Gothic purple
This build is yes copy, no mod, and no transfer. This casket comes in Gothic blue and purple. This fits two pocket avatars, and will add elegance to your vampire home. This build has 19 prims. The description is the same for all three colors. The lids opens and closes with a click.