Sunday, November 1, 2015

Elegant Winter Gazebo -- Styles 1 and 2

style 1
The elegance and charm of the Holiday and winter seasons are here. To kick off the season, home and garden for petite avatars is releasing the elegant winter gazebo. The gazebo is surrounded with icicles, white lights, and snow with winter shrubbery around it. On the inside is Gothic baroque sofas with three sits each. The sits are the same in each couch. There are potted holly bushes separate the the sofas.

As you enter the gazebo, you can hear your footsteps crunching on the snow. There is an empty area in the middle of the gazebo where you can dance or see your friends across the distance. The gazebo seats 15 avatars. So host your next meeting or hang out with your friends. The build is yes copy, no mod, no transfer and 58 prims.


The above picture is a close up of the couches. The couches are jeweled in color and will add a vibrant warmth to your winter. 

style 2

Style 2 of the elegant winter gazebo is the same except that I have included a fairy dance ball at the top of the gazebo roof. This is not connected to the roof so you can move it around to suit the surroundings of your property. The fairy dance ball is free with this purchase. The build is yes copy, no mod, no transfer, and with the dance ball is 59 prims.

Happy Holidays and winter to you all.