Sunday, November 15, 2015

2015 Fall Decoration Collection

This fatpak is for the person who cannot decide which decoration to buy. I hope this fatpak will help to make your decision easy. This fatpak features all the items in the Pumpkin Vase and Wreath Collection, which is 12 items in all. I hope you have a great time decorating!

The entire collection is yes copy, no mod (except for the garland, which is the only item modifiable), no transfer and will vary in the prim estimate depending on which items are placed out, but the entire collection has 231 prim. If that is too many prims for you, then copy and put out only the lower prim items. The range of prims from the lowest to highest is 4-41 prims. The middle range is 11-20. The high end are three vases 40-41 prims.