Sunday, November 15, 2015

Pumpkin Vase with "Happy Fall" -- Styles 1 & 2

style 1
This pumpkin vase has green leaves growing around the pumpkin, which sits on top of orange fall leaves, and surrounded with pansies and dry grass. The vase is black and will look fantastic on your steps giving your home the look of fall. The pumpkin is smaller than in the other arrangements, but it is no less enchanting. At the base of the vase, are two pumpkins with the words carved on them Happy Fall (one word on each pumpkin).

The vase is yes copy, no mod, no transfer, and is 20 prims. Decorate your front or back steps, or the interior of your home today!

style 2
This pumpkin arrangement has two pumpkins each with one word "happy" and "fall" carved into them in front of a black vase filled with marigolds and cosmos, fall leaves and a small pumpkin. This arrangement will look great on your front porch or anywhere else in your garden.

This arrangement is yes copy, no mod, no transfer, and is 9 prims.