Thursday, January 9, 2014

Valentine's Day Heart Wreath

Valentine's Day Hart Wreath
Love is in the air at home and garden for petite avatars! This season, I have made a Valentine's Day Wreath that you can put up on your door, side of your home, or anywhere else you please.

The wreath is made of roses and lilies. The wreath has rose petals floating away from it in 25 second bursts. If you don't wish to have this feature, in open chat type:
 /1 rose off 
and if you want to turn it on again 
/1 rose on  
This way you are in charge of the particles!

The scripts governing the particle petals are no mod, however, I have left the ribbon and wreath yes mod, yes copy, no transfer so that you can make it bigger or smaller depending on your needs.

This wreath is 6 prims and can be viewed inworld and purchased there too as well as on the SLX!

Artiste's Note: I couldn't decide what to call this beautiful wreath so it has several names: Valentine's Day Wreath, Valentine's Day Heart Wreath, and Valentine's Day Rose Wreath! The only thing that all the name could decide was that it is for Valentines Day! Happy decorating!