Sunday, January 5, 2014

Gothic Indoor Christmas Tree (red)

gothic indoor christmas tree (red)
As I was trying to clean up my building platform so that I could begin building for Valentine's Day, I gave in to the urge to do one more Christmas tree! This tree is an indoor Christmas tree. This tree features round Gothic ornaments and a different top. The twinkling white lights are amazing to view as the wink and twinkle at you while you are sitting on the couch in the dark with your sweetie enjoying the ambiance of your fully decorated Christmas tree! 

The top is made from glass and is red Gothic lace fabric with Christmas ornaments on it and is in a beautifully shaped spire-like Christmas tree topper! The skirt is also Gothic red with a stripe of frosty white around the entire edge. There is a thick Gothic ribbon spiraling up, between the branches of the Christmas tree.

This tree has 83 prims and can only be purchased inworld on my Winter dome.