Saturday, January 18, 2014

Elegant Outdoor Decor Line of Lights and Lamps

elegant garden lamp A
Garden lighting has been something that I have wanted to develop, but have had a problem with the lighting, but the other day, I figured out the scripts and the Elegant Garden Lamps came into being. There are four lamps in this set plus one elegant street light. The garden lamps are slightly taller than a pocket avatar (.38th of a meter). 

The first lamp in this elegant lamp series is Elegant Lamp A. I know the name is not original, but the lamp is! This lamp features four leaves holding the bulb, which has leaves etched into the glass. This lamp offers soft yellow lighting. The stem is gently twisted and you can touch it to turn on/off the light.

elegant garden lamp B
The next in this series is the Elegant Garden Lamp B. The second lamp in the series is the Elegant Garden Lamp B, which is featured above. The lamp's stem is twisted. At the top of the lamp is a round metal ball, which has the bulb in the center. The bulb itself is made of glass that is etched with leaves. The color of the light is a soft yellow. The lamp itself can be turned on or off by touching the stem of the lamp.

The next in this series is Elegant Lamp C. This map's stem is also twisted metal, but the top of the map
elegant garden lamp C
features a bulb held in a half metal casing. The glass is etched with leaves too. The light emanating from this lamp is soft yellow.

The stem of the lamp can be touched to turn on/off the light.

These are similar in style because I wanted these lamps to be elegant, but individual as well.

The last garden lamp in this series is Elegant Garden Lamp D. The names are not original, but the lamps are! This lamp features two-metal, figure-eights holding the bulb in place at the top of the lamp. The bulb shines out a soft yellow glow. The light itself can be turned on/off by touching the stem of the lamp. The stem is elegantly twisted adding elegance to your garden.

All these lamps can be found on the SL Marketplace and since they are a new edition to my home and garden collection can be viewed on the everyday demo platform, which you can purchase them from my board too.

The last item in this collection is an Elegant Street Lamp. This is much bigger than the garden lamps, but is also elegant. This lamp can be put in front of your home, up and down an avenue on your sim, or for any other purpose your imagination can think up!

elegant street lamp
This street lamp has a twisted stem, which matches your garden lamps, but the top casing looks like a torch. The metal leaves at the top are mesh and they encase the light bulb, which is also etched with leaves.

The street post can be turned on/off by touching the stem.

These matching lights will make a wonderful edition to your Second Life home and sim!