Thursday, April 21, 2016

Spring Floating Island (Sim Size)

spring floating island with grotto sits
The spring floating island (sister to the summer floating island) is here and it's absolutely lovely. The island is surrounded by mountains and one pass is available for entrance if you don't teleport up the platform. On the left side of the entrance, is a small cave that pocket avatars may walk into and hang out in. There are three waterfalls and one waterfall forms a river that cuts across the island and disappears into the cracks and crevasses of the mountains. A rainbow with clouds hovers over the mountain side. 

mountain pass entrance
At the end of the second waterfall, there is a grotto which the water uses to disappear underneath the island. On each rock that surrounds the grotto is a sit and so you and your friends can hang out and chat around the waterfall. At the third waterfall is a pool, which swirls peacefully. 

Two green trees are at the end of the river. There is a single sit in both trees in case you wish to be left in peace to contemplate your Second Life. The wildflowers are blooming on the mountainsides and on the meadow floor.  

There is a bridge that spans the river with an arch of flowers noting the entrance and exit. Once you cross the bridge there is an area of no flowers or rocks this area is left blank in case you wish to rez a home here.
grotto sit with  meadow background

This floating island is sim size. (Smaller ones will be built eventually.) The permissions are yes copy, no mod, no transfer, and there is NO mesh on this build. There are 65 prims that make up this island paradise.

Launching Instructions:

Transfer items from box to inventory. Rez the island on the ground. A menu will pop up asking you how high you would like to have your island at 100 to over a 1,000 feet in the air, click the chosen height in the sky. If the Island is stuck on someone else's floating skybox or island then get the menu back by typing in chat /100 menu and the menu will return. Click on another position.

spring floating island at sunrise
Once you have launched the island another menu will pop up and ask you "May I teleport your avatar?" Choose yes or no. If you want to reach the island after saying no, look in the chat log and there will be a message: "To teleport to your island, click this link in chat" and a teleport map will appear, click the button that says "Teleport." These are the ways to get to your island.

Once you have the island where you want it, next put out a teleporting system on the island and ground so that your guests can teleport to and from your new island. 

Should you need to derez the island because you are moving remove your TP system, the first time
you take the island down keeps it so that you have to copies, all other times, click delete because remember you have two copies in your inventory already. 

The pictures of this island are so many that I cannot use all of them for this article so if you wish to view them all, then go to my account and see the close ups of this wonderful spring floating island and make one your home today.