Saturday, May 28, 2016

Garden Swing Set with Fire Pit

garden swing set with fire pit
Summer has arrived at home and garden for petite avatars. The first item to be released for the summer 2016 collection is the garden swing set with fire pit. This swing set is for family and friends to sit around a fire to visit and chat. The swing set has five swings and on each seat, three avatars may sit. The swing set is octagonal in shape and the swings are set between two blond posts that are driven into the ground. Each swing swings in slow motion. Two of the benches do not squeak when rocking and the other three do squeak when rocking. To access the sits is as follows: click the bench to sit in the center. Click the left chain as you are standing on the grass looking at the bench to sit on the left. Click on the right chain to sit in the right corner of the bench.

15 sits on five benches
This marvelous build is a yes copy, no mod, and no transfer. In order to make your like easier, I've placed the swing set into a rezzer. When you empty the contents of the packaging box, do not open the items for the rezzer otherwise, this build will be ruined.

After opening the packaging box, place rezzer level on the ground. Click the box and choose rez. The swing set will rez and if it isn't in the place you want it to be. Put your mouse over the box and right click and choose "edit." Use the arrows to move the box where you want it. If this is the final spot where you want the swing, choose save on the rezzer menu. What this will do is to delete the scripts in the rezzed version of the swing. 

If you're not sure if this is the final spot where you want to have the swing set, then wait until its final
more sits
spot is determined before saving otherwise, you will have to manually delete the swing set and rez another swing to move it. As long as you do not choose freeze or save, you can rez and derez the swing as many times as you wish.
more sits and close up of  the fire pit

This build is 37 prims. The swings and the swing structure are not connected, this is why I placed it in a rezzer for you. Should you have any questions about this build please IM Atlantis Jewell who is the builder of this swing set! This swing set is made for avatars what are .38th of a meter tall or a pocket avatar.