Sunday, April 10, 2016

Mushroom Toadstool Garden Benches

backless garden bench
These little toadstools are called "benches," but they are really toadstools, stools, but I didn't want to call them that (sounds horrible). These little toadstools are made from terracotta pots and decorated with paint and polka dots. This one is burnt orange and all garden stools have 2 prims,  and the permissions are yes copy, no mod, no transfer. This toadstool fits avatars who are .38th of a meter tall. There is a sit inside and all you have to do to sit is to wave your mouse over the lid of the toadstool and a chair icon will pop up--click, sit.

burnt orange
aqua blue
These Mushroom toadstools come in six colors the above color is sage and then there is red, purple, aqua green and blue, and burnt orange. There is a color for almost all seasons. Dot your garden with cute little seats and have your family and friends sit on them and make the neighbors swear that you have fairies in your garden!

aqua green