Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Summer Floating Island -- Sim Size

summer meadow
At last, I have finished this beautiful sim-sized floating island with the theme of summer. There are waterfalls falling off the mountains and draining into a river. Trees are green and the flowers are in bloom. This enchanting isle is beautiful at all times of the day: morning, noon, or night. 

summer isle at night
The summer floating island is a beautiful rock that can be launched into the air. This is big enough that it can comfortably hold your entire clan of pocket, tiny, small, or petite avatars. The summer island is the first in a series that will be released as they are completed. The island features mountains, waterfalls, river, trees, grass, flowers, toadstools (with sits), tree stumps (with sits), benches (with sits), and a beautiful sculpture of a sleeping woman near the benches. The tulips, hyacinths, and grass can be walked through and the grass and flowers are about chest high. The summer floating island is 69 prims and is sim size. (Smaller sizes will be released after the sim-sized islands.) The Island is yes copy, no mod, no transfer. There is no mesh pieces on this island.

Launching Instructions:
interior of the meadow
Transfer items from box to inventory. Rezz the island on the ground. A menu will pop up asking you how high you would like to have your island at 100-over 1000 feet in the air, click the chosen height in the sky. If the Island is stuck on someone else's floating skybox or island then get the menu back by typing in chat /100 menu and the menu will return. Click on another position.
Once you have launched the island another menu will pop up and ask you "May I teleport your avatars?" Choose yes or no. If you want to reach the island after saying no, look in the chat log and there will be a message: "To teleport to your island, click this link in chat" and a TP map. Click the button that says "Teleport." These are the ways to get to your island.
island amenities
Once you have the island where you want it, next put out a teleporting system on the island and ground so that your guests can TP to and from your new island.
amenities part 2
Should you need to derezz the island because you are moving, remove your TP system, the first time the island is taken down takes it into your inventory so that you have two copies, all other times, click delete because remember you have two copies in your inventory already.