Friday, August 28, 2015

Greek Pots on Columns

Greek pots
Inspiration struck when I began my pots on columns series. These are Greek pots and two of them has a scene from Ancient Greece on them while one only has the black decorative slip on the top and bottoms of the vases. Within each pot are flowers, and each pot is set on a column. 

These columns are height specific. I am a pocket avatar at .38th of an meter. The smallest column comes up to my waist and the tallest one is as tall as I am. Therefore, please be conscious of smallness of this build. (Recently, I have been building robust builds in comparison to my height. However, this is height specific.)

The total prims for all three columns are 12 while each individual pot is 4 prims. So the prim count varies depending on how many columns you set in your garden. There are three different heights. There are red sunflowers, lily of the valley, and pink tulips planted in the vessels. The columns are honey marble semi-solid colored tops and jagged up and down streaks along the sides of the vases.The vases are made of red slip with black figures or geometric patterns on them. The permissions on these pots are yes copy, no mod, and no transfer.