Sunday, August 9, 2015

Enchanted Carousel

animals on the outer ring
The enchanted carousel has been a challenge to design and build, but I did it and I'm very pleased to present a carousel for petite avatars. The textures surrounding the middle are all original textures, the animals are mesh, and there is carousel music playing only when it is in motion. The animals move up and down; however, this is an illusion as it is the poles that move up and down. At top of the carousel is a horse that moves up and down with the carousel. The sits are all the same, which is the traditional seated horse. The center disappears from your camera when your avatar moves around it so you can enjoy your surroundings. To see the ride in action--watch this video. There are six animals to ride on the outer ring and five in the center ring.

Since this build is part mesh and part prim, your avatar can become RUTHED and to undo this effect, click stand, and move your cursor to the side of the saddle as you face the barrel of the ride. If that doesn't work try to click the saddle near the pole. 

To turn the carousel on/off touch the lower barrel in the center of the ride. The music and lights are on only when the carousel is in use. There are 20 prims, yes copy, no mod, and no transfer.

This carousel is made for pocket, tiny, and small avatars. My avie is a pocket avie and my height is .38th of a meter tall.

animals on the inner ring