Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Princess Gazebo

gazebo at dusk
Home and Garden for Petite Avatars is excited to release the princess gazebo. The gazebo has four couches in between the Doric columns. On each couch are two sit options. Click on the seat or the back of the couch to access the sits. On one couch on the right of the entrance, has two laying sits, which makes it only one avie can sit here at a time. At the top of the gazebo is a circled wire that surrounds a solid orb in the center of the gazebo. The ceiling has ironwork that is curled up at the ends. The couches are made with luxury purple velvet fabrics of varying shades. There are purple and white petunias in gourd-shaped vases. The stone used on the gazebo is a purple-ish charcoal marble that has a weathered look to it.
The permissions on this build are yes copy, no mod, and no transfer. The gazebo has 36 prims. The gazebo is made for avatars that are about .38th of a meter tall.