Monday, May 22, 2017

Steampunk Garden Lounger (Clocks)

steampunk clock textures (golden and bronze)
The Spring 2017 collection continues with a new line of garden loungers. The theme of the loungers is steampunk. Each lounger has a thick luscious seat made from thick foam. The foam is covered with a fabric that has a steampunk theme: clocks, golden gears, gears, and spider. Attached to both sides of the seat are motorcycle bike tires that are made with wooden spokes and black tire rubber with white shoulders. The bike chain connects the rear and front wheels. Rising from the back of the lounger are two pipes with gears at the top and beneath the gears is a covering for the seat. The fabric on the covering matches the fabric of the seat. There are two pipes supporting the front and the back of the seat. They connect to the bike wheels.

In the seat of the lounger is a looped animation that automatically changes your poses as you lounge in your garden. Each seat is made for one avatar. The build is yes copy, no mod, no transfer, has 15 prims, and is partial mesh. The build is made for avatars who are about .38 of a meter tall.