Monday, April 24, 2017

Truck Wrecked Garden

different views of the truck wrecked garden

This spring continues the theme of broken down vehicles as garden features. This rusted truck has roses, grass, lily of the valley, peonies, English violets, growing in and around the truck. There are rocks in front and along the sides of the truck. There is a rock with an upside down female caught in rock hanging off the back of the cab with her hair dangling into the flowerbed. There is a waterfall flowing off the tailgate. This build is 100 percent mesh and is yes copy, no mod, no transfer and has 19 prims. This garden feature is proportionate to the height of an avatar who is about .38th of a meter tall, but slightly taller and bigger because one should have imposing garden features that are slightly bigger than this height.

To place in the garden:

When rezzing this garden feature, be sure to use the two rocks at the rear of the truck beside the tailgate as your measuring guide. Use the "move" guide to put these rocks into the ground and at the end of the pond, be sure to that the ground is somewhat rounded like the picture on the SLX.