Thursday, January 14, 2016

Poseidon's Fountain

Poseidon with his horses
Poseidon's fountain joins the Fountain of the Gods Collection. The fountain is round and is gray and white marble, which matches the rounded wall that is behind Poseidon. Four roman columns support a small curved ceiling above Poseidon's head. Poseidon is standing on a moss covered rock in the center of the pool. Poseidon is joined by his favorite horses who are still in their water state as they haven't quite made it onto dry land so they are made of water, which is swirling slowly underneath the surface of their skins. The water sounds are touch on/off to either have sound or not. This fountain is made to sit against a wall or be in the center of the town or mall.

This build is yes copy, no mod, no transfer, partial mesh, and has 30 prims.

side view