Thursday, January 14, 2016

Aphrodite's Fountain

aphrodite with her turtles and rabbits
Aphrodite's fountain is the latest addition to the Fountain of the Gods series. Aphrodite is standing on on top of an orange sea shell in a square fountain. Behind Aphrodite is a white and gray marble wall. At both ends of this wall is a single roman column. Aphrodite is surrounded with symbols of her godhood, the turtle is resting beside her on the seashell and two rabbits are in front of her at an angle. The water is touch on/off for the sound. The fountain is made to sit next to a fence or wall.

side view
This build is yes copy, no mod, no transfer. The fountain is partial mesh and is 10 prims.

Look for more Fountain of the Gods near Valentine's Day!
another side view