Friday, January 8, 2016

Fountain of the Gods -- Style 1

fountain of the gods -- close up of features
The fountain of the gods is inspired by the original fountain of the gods, which represent the ideal in Baroque style. The fountain of the gods that I made for you isn't an exact replica, but the spirit of the baroque is present.

aerial view
Poseidon is in the center relief enclosed by a white marble enclosure with roman columns surround him. On his right is Aphrodite who is enclosed in a marble box and supporting her state are two roman columns on plinths, and on his left Hera who is also in a marble box supported by two roman columns on plinths. Flowing underneath Poseidon's feet is a waterfall that muscled horses have been caught in and frozen for all time. The waterfall is enclosed by a bigger pool. 

side view
The sounds of a water fall tinkle in the background. To adjust the volume of this sound, adjust your volume on your PC or the master control button found in the upper right corner of the SL screen.

The fountain is much bigger than .38th of a meter because it's imposing in real life so too, must it be imposing in Second Life. I would imagine that it will compliment your height up to two or three feet tall.

The permissions on this fountain is yes copy, no mod, no transfer, partial mesh, and has 117 prims.