Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Winter Floating Island (Sim Size)

island by day
Winter is being welcomed by launching a beautiful and enchanting winter floating island (sim size). This floating island features a winter wonderland with piles of snow, falling snow, snowmen, winter plants, and trees. Benches with snow and icicles on them. And a huge ice skating rink. The benches on the left arm have snow on it, but hidden in this snow pile is an auto giver, which will give you a pair of skates. These skates are for pocket avatars.

view from entrance
This island has 85 prims and is yes copy, no mod, and no transfer. This island although sim size is made proportionate to the size of a petite avatar or an avie who is about .38th of a meter tall. There is room in front of the ice skating rink to put a winter chalet or cabin should you wish to live in winter full time. As you skate, there are skating sounds that you hear, but they only come on when you are skating. As you walk through the snow, there are crunching sounds as you walk through the snow, but only as you walk. As soon as you stop walking or skating, the sounds stop.

To use the skates, just use your arrow keys on your keyboard, and you will skate on the ice. If you are
ice rink
tired of skating sit on the benches and enjoy the company of your friends. The benches have three sits on them right click on the bench for one, the snow along the back, top of the bench and the snow on the right arm. 

To use the Island Launcher:

Rezz your island on the ground. A menu will appear immediately upon putting it on the ground you
inner view (left)
will be given a list of heights and pick one. The island will disappear to that height. Another HUD will appear with the question: "Teleport you... is this OK?" click yes, and your avie will be teleported to the same height as your island. 

*If you don't want to teleport right away, that is ok. When you are ready, look in open chat, and you will find a teleport message as follows:

inner view (right)
To teleport to your island, click this link in chat: (name of your sim and coordinates like this: Sandbox Goyer (160,169,721)). This link will be available to you as long as you are logged into Second Life.

**It is recommended that you place out your own teleport system to easily access the island after launching.

***If you find that you have launched your island into someone's home, then type into open chat: /100 menu this will open up the launching menu once again. If you forget this, you can click open chat and see the information on your screen to get back your menu.

Falling Snow:

If you don't want falling snow, click Ctrl+Alt+T to turn on the transparent items on the island.
night view
(Transparent items will turn red.) Move your camera up until you see red balls. Click each of these globes to turn off the snow. And then use Ctrl+Alt+T to turn off the transparency. To turn them back on turn on the transparency and click all of the invisible snow globes. The snow will start falling again. Some of the snow is round and fluffy, and others are a drizzling snow, which magically twinkles as they fall.

at night