Thursday, January 26, 2017

Coming Soon! Easter Egg Hunt Baskets & Eggs

traditional egg designs
Coming Soon! for 2017 Easter Season, Home and Garden for Petite Avatars is proud to present Easter Hunt Baskets and Eggs. The baskets are the rezzer and inside is the basket. Inside the "box" are a clutch of 10 eggs (decorated per the picture from traditional to gory and everything in between, for example, baby girl and boy's first easter, designer eggs, galaxy eggs, and gothic egg patterns.
creepy rabbit egg pattern

The owner hides the eggs, sets out the rezzer and your family and friends find the eggs and the eggs disappear from the ground and appear in your basket after you click on them. (Easy clean up for the owner!) Watch for more details to come!

Builder's Note: I hope to have a video completed soon for your viewing pleasure.