Thursday, June 2, 2016

Summer Garden Gazebo

summer garden gazebo
right side view into the gazebo
The summer 2016 collection continues to add wonderful garden items and is proud to present the garden gazebo (enclosed). This garden delight has two walls that are solid and  the other two wall have ovals where you can walk through these doorways into the gazebo. The outside of the gazebo has dark green panels with flowers growing at the top. This is the view from the outside. Inside the walls have green wood paneling that matches
left view into the gazebo
the outside. Nestled inside is a sectional couch that can sit eight avatars. Click on the pillow where you wish to sit and your sitting. Between the two oval doorways are flowering tiger lilies that are spiraling around the front corner of the gazebo. The flowers if the lilies match the pansies that are on the wood panels of the gazebo. On top of the square gazebo is a green roof with a little square copula on top.

This build is yes copy, no mod, no transfer and has 21 prims. Thisbuild is made with pocket avatars in mind or avies that are .38th of a meter tall (1.5 feet tall). The couch is very small matching the petiteness of the pocket avatars.
sits in the secontional sofa