Sunday, June 5, 2016

Playful Animal Grotto

grotto with sits on the rocks
The summer collection has another wonderful grotto... the playful animal grotto. This grotto has hedges carved into animal form and placed around the grotto. In the back is a curved hedge around the grotto rocks; on top of the rocks is a polar bear and directly in front of the bear are two mystical horses on top of the rocks. 

pictures from different angles
Across the middle is a horse jumping up onto the rocks while it chases a squirrel who is chasing a rabbit, who is chasing a butterfly across the water to the amusement of a turtle and a goat and a unicorn who is trying to jump up and into the stream. 

At the front of the grotto are a small rabbit sitting on the rocks
close up of unicorn
and a frog about ready to jump out of the stream. Two butterflies are sitting on the rocks and in front of the grotto on the outside are two peacocks. On the back right is a miniature horse. Beneath the grotto are a flower and leaf ground cover. 
front view

This enchanting grotto has soft waterfall sounds. This grotto is yes copy, no mod, no transfer and is partial mesh and has 32 prims. This grotto is made for pocket avatars or avies that are or about .38th of a meter tall.
 the middle section of the grotto