Monday, February 2, 2015

David's Fountain

david's fountain
Michelangelo carved David many years ago, and artists are still being intrigued with the romance and artistic inspiration of David. This is especially true at home and garden for petite avatars because I have added a modified David to a fountain that is being released for Valentine's Day. This David is missing a leg and an arm, he is fashioned from a lovely strawberry marble, placed on a darker strawberry marble pedestal that sits in a pool of water inside a square pool made from the same color of strawberry marble as the pedestal. About groin high are four water jets spraying David. Each water jet is in one of the four corners of the fountain and can be seen from every direction.

This fountain is 14 prims, L$250, yes copy, no mod, and no transfer. If your sweetheart is not sweet on cherubs this is a great idea for a fountain for Valentine's Day! Regardless of who your sweetie is no one can resist David.

Enjoy and best of Valentine's Day wishes to you are your sweetheart.