Monday, February 2, 2015

Cherub Fountains at Last are Here!

cherub and frog fountain
Romance is in the air! Valentine's Day is right around the corner and Home and Garden for Petite Avatars has been busy at work making romantic fountains for your out door garden. I am pleased to unveil the cherub and frog fountain. This fountain is a three-tiered fountain including a basin for the main water. Cherubs "hold" up the fountain, tucked up against the lowest water bowl. This fountain features strawberry marble in various hues and shades. The fountain is lightly glazed  and the cherubs have a high glaze. A frog is sitting on top of the fountain with a ball with water flowing over them.

cherub fountain with tier waterfall
This fountain features the cute little cherubs around the bottom of the fountain holding up the lower water basin, but this time water is cascading over the the sides of the bowls from the top down. Additionally, there is a jet of water falling from the top of the fountain and the cherubs are peeing in the lower basin. There are water fountain sounds intermingled with the pee sounds, which make for a wonderful melody for your garden. The marble is a lighter shade of strawberry complementing the darker shade around the basin.

cherub fountain
This particular fountain features a single cherub standing on top of the fountain, balancing on a rotating ball that has water sliding around it. The cherub is peeing off the top of the fountain and his water lands in the lower basin. This fountain is shaped in an octagon. The sounds can be turned on/off by touching the water in the basin. This fountain has only two tiers.

double cherub fountain
The final fountain in this Valentine's Day cherub fountain line is the double cherub fountain. The fountain is a single pool of water in an octagon pool with a frog holding a moving ball with water cascading over it. there are two cherubs peeing into the pool from opposite ends of the fountain. There are pee sounds on this particular fountain.

All these fountains are formal, romantic, and a great gift for low prim at 12-14 prims depending on the fountain as well as low lindens of $250. Show your sweetheart that you gift rare gifts because you find their love unique. If you would like to view the craftsmanship of these fountains, one is featured inworld at my store. I wish you are your sweetheart a very Happy Valentine's Day.