Sunday, March 19, 2017

Dragon's Eggs Easter Egg Hunt

hide and hunt Eater eggs and place them in basket
It's almost Easter, and I've been busy creating an awesome Easter egg baskets for hunting eggs in your own backyard, front yard, park, or wherever you are allowed to rez things. This Easter creates your own egg hunt for friends, kids, and family. This build is made for avies who are .38th of a meter tall and is yes copy, no mod, no transfer. When your guests detach the baskets the baskets will not go into their inventory but disappear. Helps to keep your inventory clean! These eggs and basket features dragon's eggs and dragon scale basket. If you wish to see how this Easter egg hunt works before purchasing view the video on YouTube.
Enclosed is a hunt rezzer, (please do not unpack). Place the rezzer where people can see and touch it. Next, there is a clutch of ten eggs in the box. Rezz these on the ground so that you can hide them in awesome spots around the house. Put out 10 eggs per guest that will be hunting. Let your friends and family to click the rezzer, which will ask you if you would allow a basket to be attached to your avatar. Choose yes. An empty basket appears in your right hand. Tell your family and friends that you've hidden 10 eggs per guest and to please hunt around the yard for the eggs. Once they find the eggs, click on it and the egg appears magically in the basket in your hand.
Clean up:
Clean up is easy. Once the hunt is over, detach the basket from your avatar, and there is a die command which deletes the basket, so it won't clutter up your inventory. Check the tag above your rezzer to see if all the eggs have been found. If they have then moved to the next step. If they haven't then you need to find the eggs because they won't delete automatically if they aren't found.
Next, using the left mouse button, click the rezzer and hold down the mouse button for five seconds. The next question should be would you like to delete all the eggs? Click yes. All the now invisible eggs will be deleted automatically. Clean up is a cinch.
Basket Rezzer Details:
The basket rezzer is 13 prims, and each egg is 1 prim. Depending on how many guests you have over will depend on the number of eggs you put out. Remember it's 10 per guests so if you have 13 guests it's 130 prims out (at least clean up is easy!) So enclosed in this purchase the total prims is 23, but the final amount will vary. There are over 10 sets of themed eggs to hunt down. I hope you have a fabulous Easter hunting eggs.