Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Fall Golden Decoration Collection Fatpak

nine items in fatpak
The fall golden decoration collection fatpak consists of the following items:

*Fall golden wheat garland and wreath (1)
*Fall golden marigolds in earthen vase and terracotta pot (2)
*Fall golden tree (1)
*fall golden ground cover (1)
*Fall golden and tan pumpkins on plinths (2)
*Fall golden gourd (1)
*Fall golden wheat wreath (1)

A total of eight items plus the golden ground cover that will not be sold individually. This fatpak is yes copy, no mod, no trans and has a total of 60 prims with the garland coming in at 31 prims. The golden wheat wreath has 12 with 17 remaining between everything else. These items are made for avies who are about .38th of a meter tall.

The garland fits on a double door NOT a single door that will allow a .38th of a meter tall avie to pass through.