Monday, July 4, 2016

Fourth of July Celebration Collection -- Fatpak

US flag for yard, wreath, and garland
Home and Garden for Petite Avatars are proud to add a Fourth of July line for the petite souls who are US citizens. This fatpak includes the Fourth of July wreath, garland, and US flag for the yard.

The garland is made to go around a French door as pictured in the photograph. The model home that I used to take the pictures are made specifically for avatars who are .38th of a meter tall or 1.5 feet tall or close to those measurements. The prims for all three items is 54 and they are divided as follows:

Fourth of July wreath:  12 prims and partial mesh
Fourth of July garland: 38 prims and partial mesh
Fourth of July flag:         4 prims and no mesh

These items are relative to the height of a pocket avatar, which is .38th of a meter tall.