Thursday, December 10, 2015

Christmas Dinner Table

with holly and candle with garland centerpieces
Christmas time is here and at home and garden for petite avatars, I have created a festive table for you and three of your friends to sit and enjoy dinner. 

For the center of the table, there is a holly/garland candle in red surrounded by a frosted glass sitting on a stand surrounded by a beautiful holly and ribbon. On either side of the centerpiece are two candle tapers with matching red candles, gold candle stand, and green garland with lights wrapped around the base of the candle.

The table setting is linked so that you don't have to put out the goldware a piece at a time. It features a porcelain and gold plate surrounded by forks, knives, and spoons with a gold wine goblet. 

The table has a white tablecloth with a red Gothic lace stripe down the middle in a beautiful red. The chairs are made of the same material.

All the candles are on/off by touch. I have included chairs with two different animated sits in them.