Sunday, January 11, 2015

Fall Trees

fall tree in gold

Fall is one of the best seasons of the year. The smell of the leaves as you crunch them underfoot. The gathering of the dead leaves into piles and burning them. There is nothing better than the smell of fall. The fall colors are amazing. 

fall tree in orange
The new fall trees are here all golden orange, yellow, and a combination of the two colors. Fall leaves drift out from the tree and waft away on the wind. At the base of the trees are some fallen leaves covering the ground.

The trees are 11 prims, copy, no mod, no trans.

fall tree in gold and orange
Add these amazingly beautiful fall trees to your yard and enjoy the beauty of the fall. These trees are made to be a little bigger than a pocket avatar (.38th of a meter). If you would like to see these trees inworld be sure to visit my shop; where you can also purchase them as well as view them.

fall tree in gold and orange
Two of these trees are similar. The trees are gold and orange and orange and gold. The difference is how many gold limbs and orange limbs on each tree. If you like the gold and with a two tone tree leaves, you should choose the gold and orange and if you like the orange and gold tree has more orange limbs. The gold and orange tree has more gold limbs.