Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Halloween 2014 Part 2

Haunted House 2014
Happy Halloween to my fellow dark petite, small, and tiny avatars. I have made a haunted house that will thrill your dark soul.


The house is a three story haunted home with blood on the floors, stairs, ceilings, furniture as a horrible crime has been committed here. From the outside, there are blinking circles of yellow lights as if the house has captured the souls of the dead. The windows are broken and splattered with blood. The authorities have tired to keep people out, by boarding the doors and windows up, but it makes no difference.

Leading up to the house are paving stones made of meat. The lush green bushes are offset by the blood red rose bushes. As you climb the steps, you hear ghostly footsteps following your from room to room. The door creaks open and you see a corpse on Vlad's Torture Wheel and you sneak closer, but here there is no such thing as sneaking, as you get near the corpse screams in agony as the blood spews from its dead body. You hurry away through the interior door, followed by footsteps. You see the backyard from the broken patio window, there is a blood red vampire tree with shrieks emanating from the bloody pool. The blood is spewing from the vampire skulls and corpses float in the pool. The ground runs with blood. The graveyard is in the distance and you cannot quite make out what its is that you are seeing as its hard to see through the rain and fog. Thunder and lighting are cracking and flashing above you giving the eerie feeling to the graveyard. High above the storm clouds is a blood red moon spinning.

As you hurry up the steps, your way is illuminated by a single candle allowing you to see the blood spattered and framed Mona Lisa, but she is ghostly and turns into a zombie. The chandelier is hanging down from the blood spattered ceiling. The wind is heard whipping around the house, making the sounds soulless. Hurrying through the last door, you see a noose and jump on it for pictures and your poor little, petite body is dead, the house got another one.

You get off the poseball and now you are the undead. You click on the down button and are transported to your worst nightmare, screaming clowns and fog trap you in the basement, but there is no way out, you must go back to the teleporter and go back up to the second floor and walk back down those creepy stairs.


With the purchase of the entire haunted house, meat paving stones, and graveyard you get the following for free:

1-witch's cauldron (contents turn)
2-ghosts (pre-pathfindered for the cemetery)
3-Vlad's Torture Wheel
1-Blood Red Vampire Tree (sound touch on/off)

If you only buy the house and nothing else you get:

1-witch's cauldron
3-Vlad's torture Wheels

The haunted house comes with:

1-zombie mona lisa
1-Vlad's Torture Wheel

Prim Count:

Haunted house, paving stones, vampire tree, and all accessories: 189.

House Views and Accessories
Haunted house only plus accessories: 176

The vampire tree is not attached to the cemetery therefore you can reduce the prims by 35 by not putting it out, but it is bundled with the full package. 

The options for this haunted house are limited only by the lack of your imagination!