Saturday, July 5, 2014

Pocket Avatar Clothing--At Last!

feathers of paradise
At last home and garden for petite avatars is adding a new clothing line of prim based silks. Since pocket avatars are mesh, we can only wear prim clothes. Making small clothing takes time, so our line will take awhile to develop. Our first is "feathers of paradise" and it has a color changing HUD so that you can choose any color your heart desires! You can make your clothes glow, tint them, make them bigger or smaller, and them more transparent.

feathers of paradise DEMO
The actual package as featured above comes yes mod, yes copy, no transfer, pose stand specially made for pocket avatars, prim bra and skirt. Since clothing is worn there is no land impact. This silk also comes with a free demo package. You can try it on to see if you like it. If you do, you can order it from the Second Life Marketplace or inworld.

These beautiful silks are made specifically for pocket avatars, which are .38th of a meter tall. If you consider your avatar small or tiny grab a demo box today and see if the silk fits you. The DEMO box does not come with the color changing HUD nor a pose stand. However, the demo allows you to see if you like the style. Remember although the DEMO does not come modify, the real "feathers of paradise" does. Please remember when you are modifying the outfit to keep an original in your inventory in case there is a supreme mistake on the modifications, you can start over! (I hope that doesn't happen!)

rose silk
The "rose silk" is a complicated outfit so please be careful when doing modifications. The most complicated part is the rose on the belt. Try using the size buttons on the HUD (+/-) or under the more table, before manually modifying the outfit, it might save you some frustration. This outfit has many points to change the colors, the bra, belt, rose, short skirt, and drop skirt.

This lovely outfit also comes with a DEMO silk. This way you can see if you like the style. The DEMO does not come mod, nor does it have a HUD or pose stand. However, the real "rose silk" box has the HUD and does come yes mod, yes copy, no transfer. This silk can be purchased on the SLX or inworld.

rose silk DEMO
The next outfit is the "water nymph" silk. This silk has a jewel encrusted belt that has a base color of light pink glitter texture and the color of the gem is rose amethyst and cannot be changed. When using the color changing HUD remember that the base pink color will affect the color you choose from the color HUD. The silk comes with a yes mod, yes copy, no transfer bra and skirt. The skirt is long in the front and back and plays peek-a-boo with the sides of your legs. The bra has a strap around the back and across the front. This too has a light, pink glitter base for the bra; the base color will also affect any color choices made with the color HUD. 
water nymph silks

This silk comes with a free DEMO that you can get on the SLX or inworld. After trying on the silk in the DEMO form you can purchase it inworld or on the SLX. The DEMO box only has a copy bra and skirt available. 

water nymph silks DEMO
Since the bra and skirt have a base color of light pink here are some ideas on the colors that you can add to pink to get other colors: add yellow and get red, add cyan and get dark blue, and add white and get a lighter pink. I hope this will help you when fussing with the colors. The other way is trail and error and what fun that can be. There is one feature that you can check to color all the items at once. There is a box that you can check in the upper left corner. Another way to match colors to all the items is to write down the RGB color number you want in the bra, then click the button in the lower right corner and in open chat type in the RGB numbers for the skirt.

starlight, StarBright silk
This silk looks as if you are wearing stars. It is ephemeral and beautiful! This silk has a prim bra and skirt. Choose any color that you want with the color changing HUD! There are two tabs on the left which when you click the picture of the skirt, that is what you are choosing to color or tint. There are two tabs at the top, one has to do with size and the other changing the transparent, glow, and shine bars. Click on the bars left or right to change these parameters. 
starlight, starbright DEMO
As with all my silks for pocket avatars, the "starlight, starBright" silk comes with the ability to DEMO the silk before purchasing it.

There are only four silks available at the moment on the SLX or inworld however, keep checking back and hopefully I will have some more made shortly, but shortly is relative to my real world schedule!