Sunday, May 18, 2014

Fairy Trees

fairy tree (blue)
Spring has gone and summer has arrived! The fairies worked hard this spring pollinating all the plants and flowers; they have retreated to the fairy trees to enjoy the hot days of summer. You can see the fairies flying about as twinkling star dust. (You can turn on or off the twinkles in open chat with this command: /twinkle on or off (no period or punctuation marks.)
This beautiful tree glows and looks as if it could shake off the fairies in on big shake of its limbs. The tree is yes copy, no mod, no trans and has 9 prims.

fairy tree (pink)
This magnificent tree also comes in pink. This tree sparkles with hidden possibilities; has 9 prims and the twinkles can be turned off in open chat with /twinkles on or off depending on what you want in the moment.

fairy tree (purple)
In addition to pink and blue, there is a purple tree and a fat pak so if you cannot decide which is your favorite, now you don't have too, you can buy all three tress and a slightly better rates so you can save some Lindens!

These trees can be viewed in world at my new store location. Unfortunately, due to space restrictions, I am unable to show much at once, but should you like to see them in a more open space IM me inworld and I will be happy to meet with you to discuss your purchase!

It is my hope you have a wonderful and safe summer! May all your dreams come true, Blessed Be!

fairy trees fat pak